Ability Score Racial Traits: +2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma

Size: Medium Size or Small Size. Once chosen, this size cannot be changed.
Those that choose to be Small Size get the standard +1 size bonus to hit and armor class and -1 penalty to CMB and CMD.
Those that choose to be Medium Size do not get any size bonuses or penalties.

Type: Humanoid (Living Construct Subtype)

Base Speed: 30’ for both Medium and Small.

Languages: One regional language

Construction Metabolism: Warforged have the following alterations to a normal humanoid’s natural processes

Warforged do not need to eat, breathe or sleep, but do need to rest for 8 hours to regain spells or similar abilities.

Warforged do not heal hit points or attribute damage naturally, but can be repaired with use of the Craft skill or with effects that repair constructs. Repairs made with the Craft skill take 8 hours and a warforged repair kit. The amount of hit point damage repaired per check is the result of the Craft check -15. Repairing a point of attribute damage requires 8 hours and a Craft check, DC 25. Repairing both hit point damage and one point of ability damage can done during the same 8 hour period, but still requires two different checks. Appropriate Craft skills include armorsmithing, blacksmithing, gemcutting and sculpting. A conscious warforged can repair itself.

All applications of the Heal skill while used on a warforged are replaced with an appropriate Craft skill.

Spells from the conjuration (healing) subschool or supernatural abilities that duplicate them are only half as effective, rounded down.

Warforged are not capable of procreation, having to rely on a Lifeforge to create new warforged.
Warforged do not change size or appearance naturally over time.

Construct Mind: Warforged get a +2 racial bonus to resist mind-affecting and stunning effects and are immune to paralysis and sleep effects.

Construct Resistance: Warforged get a +2 racial bonus to resist disease, death effects, energy drain, exhaustion, fatigue, nausea, poison and sicken effects as well as stabilization checks and checks to remove negative levels.
Natural Plating: Warforged have a metal plating that provides them with a +2 natural armor bonus to AC. Warforged can still wear normal armor as can other races, however this plating also counts as metal for the purposes of a druid’s armor limitation. Warforged can be targeted by spells, powers and effects that affect objects made from metal, stone and wood.

Slam: Warforged have a single slam attack: Medium (1d4) or Small (1d3). This follows the normal rules for natural attacks.


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